Wednesday 28th of June
12:00 Registration and Lunch
12:50 Welcome address Luca Longo
Chiara Leva
Opening of the conference
13:00 Keynote Peter Hancock Assessment and utility of human mental workload: Past successes and future challenges
14:00 Mental workload as a dependent variable Simon Tong
Shaun Helman
Nora Balfe
Camilla Fowler
Emme Delmonte
Workload differences between on-road and off-road manoevures for motorcyclists
14:20 Aidan Byrne Mental workload as an educational outcome
14:40 Bethany Bracken
Seth Elkin-Frankston
Noa Palmon
Mike Farry
Blaise Frederick
A system to monitor cognitive workload in naturalistic, high-motion environments
14:50 Totsapon Butmee
Terry Lansdown
Moving between automated and manual driving: Mental workload and performance implications
15:00 Coffee
15:30 Industrial practice David A Strobhar Petrochemical plant console operator workload – the issues
15:45 Maurice Wilkins Managing operator workload with standards based decisions support
16:00 Ferdinand Coster Smart workload balancing
16:15 Group discussion
16:35 Managing workload Alison Kay
Nick Mcdonald
A Validated Description of how Crew Manage Flight Operations for Two-Pilot and Reduced-Crew Operations
16:45 Joan Cahill
Tiziana C Callari
Florian Fortmann
Stefan Suck
Denis Javaux
Andreas Hasselberg
Sybert H Stoeve
Bas A van Doorn
Adaptive automation and the third pilot: Managing teamwork and workload in an airline cockpit
17:00 Maria Chiara Leva
Yilmar Builes
The benefits of task and cognitive workload support for operators in ground handling
Thursday 29th of June
08:30 Registration and morning coffee
09:30 Aviation Tanja Bos
Rolf Zon
Reducing peak workload in the cockpit – A human in the loop simulation evaluating new runway selection tool
09:50 Tamsyn Edwards
Lynne Martin
Nancy Bienert
Joey Mercer
The relationship between workload and performance in air traffic control: Exploring the influence of automation and task demand variation
10:10 Tanja Bos
Rolf Zon
Eszter Furedi
Dezso Dudas
Daniel Rohacs
A pilot study into biobehavioural measurements on Air Traffic Controllers in remote tower operations
10:30 Daniela Schmid A workload-centred perspective on reduced crew operations in commercial operations
10:50 Coffee
11:30 Cognitive factors Stephen J. Guastello
David E. Marra
Anthony Correro
Maura Michels
Henry Schimmel
Elasticity and rigidity constructs and ratings of subjective workload for individuals and groups
11:50 K Tara Smith Observations and issues in the application of cognitive workload modelling for decision making in complex time-critical environments
12:10 Jialin Fan
Andrew P Smith
The impact of workload and fatigue on performance
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Keynote Karel Brookhuis The assessment of mental workload, combining objective and subjective measures
14:30 Coffee
14:45 Rail Lise Delamare
David Golightly
Quantification of rail signaller demand through simulation
15:00 Andrew Smith
Hugo Smith
Workload, Fatigue, and Performance in the Rail industry
15:15 Melcher Zeilstra
Alfred van Wincoop
Jouke Rypkema
The WASCAL-tool: Prediction of staff for train dispatching as part of the design process of track yards
15:30 Andrew Marshall and James Murphy How useful are cardboard mock-ups? The use of different levels of simulation fidelity in assessing signallers’ workload
15:45 Joanna Evans A systems approach to predicting and measuring workload in rail traffic management systems
16:00 Coffee
16:15 Panel discussion Sarah Sharples
Luca Longo
Christopher Wickens
Peter Hancock
Karel Brookhuis
The future of mental workload research and practice
20:00 GALA DINNER ARLINGTON HOTEL 23-25 Bachelors Walk, O’Connell Bridge, Dublin 1
Friday 30th of June
08:30 Registration and morning coffee
09:00 Application in other domains Maria Chiara Leva
Lorenzo Comberti
Micaela Demichela
Rebecca Duane
Human performance modelling in manufacturing: mental workload and task complexity.
09:15 Angel Jimenez-Molina
Hernan Lira
Towards a Continuous Assessment of Cognitive Workload for Smartphone Multitasking Users
09:30 Philippe Rauffet,
Christine Chauvin,
Chiara Nistico,
Samantha Judas
Norbert Toumelin.
Effect of control-display compatibility on the mental workload of submarine helmsmen
09:50 Extending the workload concept Enrique Muñoz de Escalona Fernández
José Juan Cañas Delgado
Online measuring of available resources
10:00 Kaela Shea
James Tung
System identification of motion artifact noise in EEG headsets for locomotion
10:10 Glauco Maria Genga
Maria Gabriella Pediconi
Facing Human Workload. The Resilient Ego: a Psychoanalytic Point of View
10:20 Emanuele Bellini
Serena Benvenuti
Chiara Bastistini
Towards a not obtrusive low cost biosystem to assess risk perception in workplace through stress detection
10:30 Fiona Wixted
Leonard O’Sullivan
Distress and worry as mediators in the relationship between psychosocial risks and upper body musculoskeletal complaints in highly automated manufacturing
10:40 Coffee
11:10 Computational methods Pavle Mijovic
Milos Milovanovic
Vanja Kovic
Ivan Gligorijevic
Bogdan Mijovic
Ivan Macuzic
Neuroergonomics method for measuring the influence of mental workload modulation on cognitive state of manual assembly worker
11:25 Nora Balfe
Katie Crowley
Brendan Smith
Luca Longo
Estimation of train driver workload: Extracting taskload measures from on-train-data-recorders
11:40 Karim Moustafa Saturnino Luz
Luca Longo
Assessment of mental workload: a comparison of machine learning methods and subjective assessment techniques
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Keynote Christopher Wickens Mental workload: Assessment, prediction and consequences
14:00 Conference close Luca Longo
Chiara Leva